How Do I Change the Belt on My Kirby Vacuum?


To Change the Belt on a Kirby Vacuum, one needs to unplug the Kirby vacuum then raise the light hood and open the L-shaped handle of the belt lifter. Unlock power nozzle and by use of L-shaped belt, release the belt. Remove it and replace it with the new one.
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1. Make sure your vacuum is unplugged. On newer models, disengage the TechDrive feature by placing the pedal in the "Neutral" position. Press the height adjustment pedal
Step 1: UNPLUG YOUR KIRBY VACUUM CLEANER. Before you go any further, take your time with this belt change. It's not that difficult, just a little different than most other vacuums
When removing the power head, it is important to always detach the belt by turning the face piece toward the red arrows. Once that is off, you can look underneath the power head and
A replacement belt for most Kirby vacuum cleaners can be purchased
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You'll need to refer to your owners' manual for repair instructions for your specific model of Kirby vacuum. You'll also need to know exactly what kind of belt ...
1. Unplug your vacuum cleaner. This ensures it won't be accidentally powered on while you are replacing the belt. 2. Turn the vacuum cleaner so the front is facing ...
When you are changing a belt on a Kirby Ultimate G series you will need a flat screwdriver. The first thing that you want to do is unplug the vacuum cleaner from ...
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