How Do I Change the Brightness of My Monitor?


Changing the brightness or contrast feature on a monitor is simple because the buttons are located on the bottom on the screen. Press the button that is labelled with a sign that resembles a sun. Your monitor will show options on the screen and the current brightness level. Another button right next to the one already pressed will allow you to increase the brightness. Another method to change the brightness requires you to open your desktop, right click and select display properties. There will be a tab titled visual features. Selecting that will enable you to change the brightness easily.
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1. Click the brightness button. On most eMachines monitors, the button is below the screen and has an icon that looks like a sun. 2. Click the " and " buttons until the
From you saying that there are suns i'm assuming you have an apple computer?? Just checking.. so you tried both of the suns.. the getting brighter and the getting dimmer sun? You
There are three was that are used to change setting the old one was knobs on the back of the monitor the next is wheels underneath the front of the monitor the third is usually four
resolution LCD only have optimal resolution.
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1. Drag your mouse cursor from your first monitor to your second monitor. 2. Right-click on the desktop of your second monitor. 3. Click "Personalize. 4. ...
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