How Do I Change the Clock on My Pioneer Car Stereo?


To change the clock of the pioneer car stereo, the first thing is to turn the CD player off, and then strike the clock for some time to show and after that press down the knob and use the arrows in shifting the time.
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1. Press "Function, located to the left of the tune knob, repeatedly until the stereo screen shows the time. 2. Press the "Left" arrow button to select the hour. The
Hold the SRC button until the uint goes into demo mode, then hold
1. Press SOURCE and hold until the unit turns off. 2. Press AUDIO and hold until clock appears in the display. 3. Press the arrows to select the segment of the clock display you wish
ok this is what you do when the stereo is on you hold down the volume knob until the stereo goes to off mode (this should only take a few seconds) then you hold it again until the
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Horde and grip the "SRC/OFF&Quot; button on your Pioneer car CD player until the unit powers down. Note that the "SRC/OFF&Quot; button ...
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