How Do I Change the Time on My Digital Fenchurch Watch?


Take a look at your watch. While models and brands vary, you'll find a few things in common on almost all of them. First, they'll have different modes of operation. A typical digital watch may have modes for time, stopwatch, date, alarm and timer, to name a few. Look on your watch for a button labeled 'mode.' Press it several times to see what's available. Typically the watch will display the name of each mode as you push the button repeatedly. When you've found the mode you want to adjust, stop there. Look for a button that is labeled 'set' or 'adjust' on your watch. The location will vary, depending on the brand of watch you own. Press in and hold this button. After a few seconds, the time (or whatever mode) you have selected will begin to flash. In most cases, you'll need to select the item you want to adjust (minutes or hours) by pressing 'mode' again. Once the portion you want is flashing, you're ready to adjust it. Press a button to advance the parameter (hours or minutes) that you've selected. This button may or may not be labeled. If it isn't labeled, you'll have to experiment with different buttons. Once you've set the first parameter, change to the second by pressing 'mode.' Follow the same routine to adjust. To exit, you'll typically press the 'set' button. Use resources available to you. There are thousands of digital watch styles on the market, each with slightly different setting methods. When you buy a watch, tuck the manual away in a safe location for reference. If you don't have the manual, do a website search. Most major manufacturers keep their manuals online for easy future reference.
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1. Examine your watch. Attempt to find its "Mode" button; nearly every digital watch has one. The various modes might include "Date, "Alarm" and "Stopwatch
After spending a lot of time, finally i found the right technique.four easy steps to follow.step1. press and hold set button.seconds will start blinking. step2. press the mode button
Look on your watch for a button labeled "mode. Press it several times and
Here is the manual from GAP customer service. Dear Customer, Thank you for your email regarding the Sporty Printed Watch user instructions. Please accept our apologies that
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How one changes the time on a digital watch can vary depending on the type and brand of watch. Usually, there are two small buttons on the side of the watch that ...
To set the time on a digital watch is very easy. All you have to do is press down and hold adjust and then the time digits will flash. Then, press down start/ ...
Press the 'adjust' button on the top left side of the face of the watch. Choose the numbers you want to change on the digital screen by using the 'mode' button ...
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