How Do I Change the Time on My JVC Car Stereo?


To change the time on a JVC car stereo use the buttons on the front. Start by pressing and holding the select button in. While holding the select button, use the volume buttons to go up or down in time. The manual that came with the stereo will also supply instructions.
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1. Select and hold the "Set" button for a few seconds until general settings items appear on the display. Release the button. 2. To set the hour, use the "Forward"
I need to unlock a jvc-kw-xr616 car stereo.
You should be able to hold the button down to change the time
If you are dead set on one of those two head units I would say JVC. I've had good luck with JVC. I find them very reliable and very user friendly. I'm currently using a JVC Arsenal
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To set the time of your jvc car stereo start by pressing and holding down the SEL button until the menu comes up. Then use the up/down buttons to go through the ...
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