How Do I Chat on Hotmail?


In the left pane of your inbox, under Messenger, type a name in the Search contacts box to find a contact and see his or her status. Point at a contact to see a list of messaging options—or just click the contact to open a Messenger window and send an instant message.
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1. Download the latest version of Windows Live. Save the file to your desktop and run the installation wizard. Restart your computer when this process is completed. 2. Log into Windows
To chat on hotmail first of all, you will need to download Windows Live Messenger (This download won't give you viruses!) So once that is downloaded sign into Windows Live Messenger
You can chat using MSN messenger, using MSN passport. If you have a, you
download windows live messenger.
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You can webcam chat for free with no credit card required on Skype. You can also use messenger sites like Hotmail, Yahoo, or AIM. ...
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