How do i check an expansion valve in an a/c for an auto?


In order to check the expansion valve in an automobile air conditioning unit, you will need to hook up HVAC gauges to the high and low pressure service ports. Allow the pressure to regulate for about five minutes after starting the system, and then check the pressure. Depending on what the gauges are registering, it will tell you how and if an expansion valve has failed.
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1. Attach the gauges to the A/C system by locating the low-pressure and high-pressure service ports. The low-pressure port can be found on the low side line between the accumulator
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in the center of dash you can acess it by removing theglove box, blower housing,ecu,then using a 5mm allen head socket
A. Feeling lines won't tell you much about the amount of freon in the A/C system. For reasons known only to GM they do not use a sight glass that will tell you at a glance if there
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Auto air conditioning works as the compressor and condenser work together. The auto air conditioning diagram also involves the expansion valve and evaporator. ...
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