How Do I Check If My Computer Is Wireless Enabled?


Physically examine your desktop or laptop computer. Do you see an 'Intel Centrino' sticker anywhere? Note that Centrino is a brand name for Intel's Pentium M processor combined with a pro wireless card. Search the back of your computer for a small aerial pointed downward. This may indicate that the computer is Wi-Fi enabled. If you weren't able to find a Centrino sticker or an aerial, turn on your computer and go to the 'Start' menu. Right-click on the 'My Computer' icon; then select 'Properties.' Check if your computer's Properties include Intel Centrino. If you still haven't found anything to indicate that your computer is Wi-Fi enabled, right-click on 'My Computer' again, click on 'Manage', and click on 'Device Manager.' Then click on the Device Manager window's 'Hardware' tab. Read the list below 'Network Adapters.' Note that any adapter labeled 'Ethernet' or '10/100' will have nothing to do with wireless compatibility. However, any adapter labeled 'wireless' or '802.11' will indicate compatibility.
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1. Open the Start menu and click the "Control Panel" option. 2. Click "System and Maintenance" followed by "Device Manager" in the Control Panel window
1) if your wireless adapter is enable. It would be appear on side of right bottom corner. 2) you can see your adapter position(enable disable)open My network place. Here would be
You basically need 2 things: (1) A wireless network adapter card that goes inside your computer into one of your empty PCI slots, or you can buy one of the easier external USB adapter
I'm assuming you are using Windows and not Mac or Linux. Go to Control Panel - Network Connections and see if you have an entry for Wireless Network Connection. If it is not there
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