Check My Email Hotmail?


In order to check your emails from hotmail, you must first have a hotmail account. To check your hotmail account for new email messages, enter your username and password to sign in at the hotmail login page. You shall then be provided with a list of messages to view once you click on the 'Inbox' icon.
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1. Sign in to your Comcast email account. Click on "Mailbox Manager" on the left hand side of the screen. 2. Choose "Add Mailbox. This is located on the right hand
In order to check your email on Hotmail you just need to enter your Windows Live ID &
1. Create an account. Be sure that you have not created a Verizon account previously. If not, go to their web page and take the time to create an account. It's fast, easy and you'll
1. Log onto the Hotmail homepage (see Resources) Select the "Sign Up" button in the lower left of the page. This will take you to the signup page to create your account.
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