How do I Claim my Cherokee Indian Heritage?


To claim your Cherokee Indian heritage you first must be a member of a recognized tribe. There are many steps in this process which you must follow completely. You can find out more information here:
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To claim your Indian heritage, you must know what tribe you descend from. You can then submit that paperwork to the actual tribe, and claim heritage that way.
The problem involves those people claiming to be Native American
As long has your husband can trace his ancestry to a modern-day Cheroke tribe and he meets that tribe's enrollment requirements, he can legally claim his heritage. (His relationship
If you are absolutely sure on the Cherokee Indian heritage, they have rolls which you can research to see if your ancestor is registered with the Cherokee (eastern or western division
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To claim your Indian heritage you will need to show your family lineage back to your Native American Ancestor. This will require proper documentation of each piece ...
The Cherokee Indians ended up inhabiting all of Tennessee. It was used for the Cherokee's to hunt. Tennessee is derived from the name Tanasi which is actually ...
The Cherokee Indians were in South Carolina before any settlers. The Cherokees from South Carolina can trace heritage back as early as 300 A. D. Their history ...
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