How Do I Clean a Ceramic Hob?


Ceramic hobs are stove tops that don't have the exposed burners but instead are made of ceramic material. Clean the ceramic hob by squeezing a small amount of hob cleaner at the centre of the soiled area. Clean using circular motions over the soiled area then rinse. Scrub the area with a non-abrasive scouring pad and some hob cleaner. Scrape any stubborn minerals or burnt food using a single edge scraper then using a clean cloth remove residue.
2 Additional Answers
You can clean a ceramic hob using hob brite with a pan scrub. The ceramic hob can also be cleaned using a micro fiber cloth with any glass cleaning products for a finishing shine. Scrubbers such as metal scrappers, razor blades, brillo pads and wire tools should not be used in cleaning the ceramic hob as they damage the finish.
You can clean your ceramic hob by using two easy steps. First scrape off any burnt food particles using a ceramic hob scraper. Thereafter, pour some amount of cleaning fluid and use the kitchen paper to clean the surface. For more details, check the information on the pack that comes with the hob. Remember to cool the hob first before you start cleaning it.
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