How Do I Clean Mildew off of Canvas?


To clean mildew off of canvas first place it in the sun to dry and air out, this will kill the mildew. Once the canvas is dry brush the mildew with a stiff brush to remove as much as possible. To remove the stain use a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water. If the stain is really bad use vinegar.
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1. Mix your cleaner in a bucket. Measure two cups of household bleach and pour into a five-gallon bucket. 2. Add cool water to fill the bucket. 3. Scrubbing removes mildew stains.
Wash the affected area with a solution made up of 1/2 lysol, 1/2 warm water. This should remove
I don't recommend the bleach thing for Canvas Tent. My Sgt. had us do that in the Army and it rotted the canvas and caused it to leak every place the bleach touched it. Find a company
The most inexpensive way is a good old-fashioned. strong. mix of white vinegar and water. In the tub, soak the tent in just enough cold water to completely cover. Then add about 1
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