How Do I Clean Velcro Lint?


To clean Velcro lint you need to remove the lint by pulling it using a metal comb. Then peruse through the Velcro using a crotchet needle to trap the lint and drag it out or use tape to penetrate the Velcro and lint will attach to it among others.
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1. Cut a piece of duct tape to the same size as the Velcro strip you want to clean. 2. Place the duct tape on top of the soft side of the Velcro and press it gently so that the lint
I try to use a safety pin...use the open sharp end and dig out underneath it...seems to just lift out in
1. Ignore the fuzz-filled Velcro. If the Velcro still forms a pretty good connection when you press it together, there may be no need to clean. If you don't really spend a lot of
I find that you can pick crud out of the male side of velcro with a pin- sort of rake through it and pull out the fuzz as it comes up off the surface. Female velcro (the softer side
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You a toothpick or a sewing pin to lift all the fuzz or debris out of the velcro and then you can use tweezers to pick up the rest of the debris. After you have ...
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