How Do I Clean Windows?


One of the simplest and most eco friendly ways of cleaning windows is by using vinegar, water and newspaper. Dilute your vinegar with water (roughly 1:4) and use a lint-free cloth or chamois leather to clean off grime. For a good shine, buff the windows with crumpled newspaper or use the chamois or lint free cloth.
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How to Clean Windows
Brighten up your outlook by stripping off those layers of grime. Here's how to get your windows squeaky clean and streak free.... More »
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The best thing to ever happen to windows is also the biggest pain to clean! There are many gadgets out there to be able to wipe between those tiny slats but I have found in heavier
1. Prepare your cleaning solution. Squirt two or three drops of dishwashing liquid into the bucket and add water. You can fill the bucket up nearly all the way. It should hold at
1. Fill the spray bottle three quarters full with distilled water. Add isopropyl alcohol to the fill line or just below the rim. 2. Seal the bottle and adjust the spray nozzle until
Before you even need to reinstall Windows XP, you'll need to hang on to the CD containing the Windows XP operating system, the product key that goes with that CD and all related documentation
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The best way to clean your windows is with a store bought window cleaner or ammonia. Spray the cleaner on the window and then wipe or scrub off with a dry cloth. ...
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