How do i convert a non-bluetooth car stereo to a bluetooth car stereo?


To convert a non-blue tooth car stereo to a blue tooth car stereo is to replace the car stereo with a blue tooth enabled capabilities. If you have a car stereo that can pick up a wireless signal then you can use that for your blue tooth.
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1. Power on the Bluetooth on your car stereo and MP3 player or cell phone. The Bluetooth may always be on in your car, but it may be disabled on other devices to conserve battery
Bluetooth car stereo turns your car into a mobile communication unit. With a Bluetooth car stereo, you can make and receive cell phone calls completely hands-free. You don't have
There are a few benefits for having a car stereo with a built in Bluetooth system. One can make phone calls straight from their car with the help from this system.
The machines, controlled by one master device, detect each others' presence and pass around pertinent data to coordinate and facilitate their activities at the same time they're continually
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