How Do I Convert Whole Cloves to Ground Cloves?


Ground cloves are often used in baking. You can convert whole cloves into ground cloves with a spice grinder or a coffee grinder. The grinder you choose should not contain plastic parts because the clove oil can damage them. Tip: Do not use the same coffee grinder for both cloves and coffee beans to avoid tainting the flavor of your coffee.
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Grinding cloves down from a whole clove can make them easier to cook with. They are typically ground using a grinder.
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1/4 tsp = 3 whole cloves.
An equal amount of ground cinnamon works as an alternative to ground cloves in sweet and savory recipes, although the flavor of the altered product may not be as bold and the aroma
Put any amount of cloves into a plastic baggie.Place the baggie on a flat stable surface.Take a hammer and hit the baggie w/cloves until crushed. The cloves will be ground by repeating
A clove, when ground, is about 1/8 teaspoon. Twelve cloves would
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