How Do I Copy a DVD Movie to My Hard Drive?


To copy a DVD into the hard drive. Go to the “start” menu, open “my computer”. Right click the DVD drive and select “explore” option that appears in context menu. Right-click the video_ts folder and select “copy” from context menu. Open hard drive for a specific location and press down “control” and “v” simultaneously to copy.
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1. Insert the movie DVD into the disc drive on your computer. 2. Browse to the location on your hard drive where the movie will be stored, then right-click in the folder, select &
Have you ever wondered, how do I copy a DVD onto my hard drive? Many people have asked this question as they seek to save storage space by moving DVDs of home movies onto a hard drive
I believe windows DVD maker is a good one. Thank-you, for this info!That works for Vista.What do you recommend for XP?
Charlie, Try one of these programs: Pick a freeware one. I can't give you a step by step, because I don't get involved around copyright questions. Jeff.
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