How Do I Copy Music CD onto My Computer?


Place the audio CD into the CD-ROM. Start Windows Media Player and select 'Copy from CD' from the menu on the left. Once Media Player has updated the artists and track titles, select 'Copy Music' from the top menu.
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1. Import the MP3 music files to your computer and Windows Media Player. You will need these files to be on your hard drive, prior to attempting to copy them to a CD. MP3 files can
Make a folder of the songs you want up to the size of the CD, about 650 megs? Then use Disk Utility and use the make a "New Image" and it will make a Disk Image of the folder
1. Make certain the computer meets all of the games system requirements. Read the computer game's packaging to determine if your computer has enough power and adequate graphic card
1. Insert the music CD you would like to copy into your computer's CD drive. 2. Open your CD ripping software and follow the instructions. Click "Open" and navigate to your
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To copy CD files onto a computer, you need to locate the CD file in the computer drive. In most computers this appears as drive E. right click on the folder and click open. Locate the folder named VTS and open it using the same procedure as above. You can now copy the desired files by right clicking on he file with your desired music and click copy. You can now paste the file in your desired location by right clicking then selecting the paste option.
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