How do I Create a Customer Comment Card?


Creating a customer comment card is not as hard as it seems. You can make one very easily in Microsoft Word. You'll want to focus on key points of your business. For example, if you owned a restaurant, you would want to know the quality of the food, the portion sizes, how the service was and so on. You can list your questions, giving space for the customer to write a comment, and give ratings. You can use 1-5 ratings, 1 being the worst service, 5 being the best. You can use ratings as poor, okay, excellent. The point of a customer comment card is to rate your business and let the customer say in their own words how the service was. If you want something really fancy, like fancy paper, or you don't have a printer, you can find that Kinko's is a great place to make copies. You can find more information here:
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The easiest way to create a customer comment card is by using a word processing program like Microsoft Word. Type in all the information you want on the card, such as customers name and phone number, and a place for them to write in comments. You can print the cards on card stock, which can be purchased from most office supply and stationary stores.
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1. Jot down the questions you have about the service and product you provide. This will help you decide which things you need answers to in an attempt to reach out to your customers
Customer complaints. Everyone gets them. No matter how great the food and service is, customer complaints at restaurants are inevitable. Restaurants have two options when they receive
1 Create a template with the right specifications. Open a new image in Photoshop and set the width and height to 3.75 and 2.25 inches respectively. Set the resolution to 200 pixels/
Unfortunately comment cards are not very useful. Research shows that most customers don't take the time to fill them out. Even if they do, their comments are just a snapshot in time
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1. Develop customer comment card categories that you want to evaluate. The categories that you develop will depend largely on what kind of specific business or product is in question. A good way to get categories is to examine the mission statement o ...
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