How Do I Deactivate My Car Alarm?


You can deactivate your car alarm by unlocking your car door if the alarm sounds. You can also deactivate it by pressing the unlock button on your car's remote.
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1. Start your car - in most cases that will silence the alarm. However, there are some cars that aren't accessible because the door locks are disabled when the alarm sounds. If that
you will have to re place the keyless clicker. and re set your alarm. if that duse not work then you will have to take it to the dealer to re set your alarm
Check under the rudder. There is a box that's from the alarm. Remove the wires and reput them back and try and see if it functions. If not try turning on the ignition. When you put
Starting the car with the key will typically disable the alarm. This happened with my '08, and the car won't start while the alarm is going off. I'm told to switch the car to on/then
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How Do I Deactivate My Car Alarm?
Most vehicles now have some sort of an alarm system built in that comes as a standard feature when you purchase the car. However, you may want to turn the alarm off or completely disable the alarm system on your vehicle. You can do this in two different... More »
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