How Do I Defrag My Computer?


Click Start, then go to System tools under Accessories, and then select Disk Defragmantation. Click Analyze and follow what the screen shows. Defrag the hard drive and allow the program to complete.
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How Do I Defrag My Computer?
You have files: files you download, create, delete, move and edit. Whether you know it or not, every one of these actions means your hard drive has to keep arranging your hard drive so all files are accessible, a process that sometimes jumbles the... More »
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You'll need to find the program to defragment your computer's hard drive under the System and Maintenance area of the Control Panel. It's exact placement varies depending on which
A hard drive on a computer can become fragmented over time. This can happen when files cannot be placed on the hard drive in one contiguous segment. Files that are added to a hard
Ever wonder how to defragment your computer? If you're running Windows, sooner or later you'll need to do this to keep your system running efficiently. Mac users don't need to worry
Its important to defrag the computer to prevent performance deterioration (like slowdowns and lags) caused by file fragmentation over time. A defrag reorganizes the fragmented files
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What you actually defragment is your computer's hard drive. In time, because you copy, move, create and remove files and folders, as well as install and uninstall ...
To open a command prompt window, click the Windows button>> All Programs>> Accessories>> Right click the Command Prompt button and select the ...
Defrag is a computer term for the act of consolidating and reorganizing fragmented files and folders stored in a hard disk so that the hard disk can run more efficiently ...
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