How Do I Delete All History off My Computer?


To delete your internet surfing history from your computer, click on the TOOLS menu, 'Internet Options' then click the 'Delete Files' or 'Delete' button if you are using Internet Explorer 6.x and 7.x. if you are using Mozilla Firefox, click on the 'Tools' menu> 'Options', clicking the 'Privacy' button, and under 'History' click the 'Clear' or 'Clear Now' button.
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1. Purchase the hard-drive cleaning software of your choice. Currently, there are many software products of this type on the market, including Webroot's Window Washer, Anonymizer's
First, what do you mean by saying "all computer history"? There can quite many kinds of computer history: Internet history, cookies, cache, autocomple form history, Windows
Are you looking to clear the history of your internet browser?
go into tools at the top of the internet, then one of the options is 'clear recent history', a shortcut to that option is ctrl+shift+del or, you can open all history, by going to
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You can delete all visited websites by going to your web browser's history and deleting from there. Different browsers offer different methods. ...
To delete all favorites in Internet Explorer Open the start menu and select computer. Click on user options, double click on the favorites one wishes to delete ...
Facebook does not really store search history. To delete any browsing history from your computer browser, using a google browser, go to tools under internet options ...
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