How Do I Delete My Facebook Account Now?


To delete your Facebook account, you should delete all sent and received messages and then remove all of your friends from your friends list. You then delete all comments/posts on all of your walls and delete all comments and posts you've made on other peoples walls. After this you delete all your photos and then leave all your networks and groups. If you administer a group, move the admin rights to somebody else and clear every last bit of information from your profile. You can then deactivate your account. You can also request Facebook to deactivate your account.
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Wondering how to delete your Facebook account? Social networking is a popular pastime for many, but if you've decided it's not for you, it's time to delete that account. The reasons
1. Delete everything out of your profile. Take down your pictures, delete you friends from your friends list, erase comments you've left for people and leave any networks or groups
1. Save any data you need. Before you delete your account, save any photos and contact information you need from your account. You will lose access to all of this when you delete
South Park did a great job of explaining what is wrong with it. ( a summary here - Or as a friend of mine put
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