How do I delete songs from my iPod Touch?


To delete songs from an iPod Touch, connect it to a computer using a USB connection cable. Open iTunes and click on the iPod icon to open the media files, select the ones you want to delete then right click and select and confirm delete. You can also go to iTunes by scrolling the menu without necessarily connecting your phone to a computer.
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Unfortunately there is no way to delete songs from the iPod touch itself. To delete songs from your iPod touch you will need to do it through iTunes. All your songs will be listed in the main content area. Click on the song you want to delete from your iPod touch and press the “Delete” key on your keyboard or “right click” on the song and scroll down to “Delete” to remove the song. To select multiple songs at once, hold down the “Ctrl” and click on each song. To select multiple songs in a row click on the first song to delete and hold down the “Shift” key and select the last song.
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