How do I Demagnetize Something?


To demagnetize something, you have to use a magnet to remove the magnetic charge from the object. This usually is done to something you don't want demagnetized, like a credit card.
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To demagnetize a metal or other materials. you can heat the metal to a high temperature or pound it with a matter. By doing this, the atoms will disorient and the magnetic field will be eliminated.
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In order to demagnetize a magnet you will need to disorder the unit magnets. One example of this is heating the magnet past its curie point.
The easiest way is to heat it. Another less effective option is hammering or otherwise impacting the object. A third way is to use a powerful competing magnetic field that alternates
One option is adding extreme heat and hammering/jarring it. Also yo...
You try what the first poster suggests, but it isn't likely to work well. Besides the danger mentioned of doing damage to the equipment, you will have one of these problems that will
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If you demagnetize something you make it no longer magnetic. This happens a lot with credit cards that they get demagnetized phone being next to cell phones. ...
The term demagnetize means to remove magnetic properties from something. It could also be looked at as erasing a magnetic storage device. Heating or hammering ...
To demagnetize something, you will need an alternating current magnetic field. You can purchase a video/audio tape eraser from an electronic store which will ...
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