How Do I Deter Cats from My Garden?


To deter cats from your garden, first, fill water in several tiny bottles and then randomly place the bottles at various points in the garden. This will keep cats away, because they do not like the reflection effect made by the water in the bottles. You can also plant pepper at various places in the garden, because cats dislike the smell of pepper.
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To keep cats out of your garden, set up physical barriers that prevent a cat from getting to the plants within. An electric wire fence emits a small charge that deters, but does not
Well, for one thing, you could try some special sprays that are meant to keep cats away from your garden.
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1. Know what to protect. Possums seem to be fond of new growth on deciduous vines, fruit on fruit trees, and some of the new growth on pruned evergreens. Possums damage the plants
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To deter cats from the garden, fill some small bottles with water and randomly place them in the garden. Cats don’t usually like the light that reflects off the water and will keep off.
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