How Do I Determine the Gender of My Puppy?


To determine the gender of your puppy, rest it on its back and examine their genitals and belly. You will be able to note the differences between the male and female organs that exist in the puppies. The males will have their genitals just after the umbilical cord while the females will have their organs far from the cord.
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The best way to determine your puppy's gender is to rest the puppy on its back on a warm towel and examine its belly and genitals. You should carefully note male puppies have a penis at the middle of their belly, behind their umbilical cord while the female puppies do not. Finale note female puppies do have a leaf-shaped vulva unlike males which have a rounded penis.
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It is pretty easy to tell the gender of a puppy. Males have penises and testicles just as they do when they are older. It may take a couple of days for the structures to be apparent
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If you want to know the sex of a puppy, take the puppy and turn it around. Pull both legs apart and check. A male puppy will have a scrotum while a female puppy ...
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