How do I Dial Overseas from the Us?


Dialing a call overseas requires a series of codes to be dialed prior to the phone number you are trying to call. You will need the international dialing code of 011 plus the country and city code assigned to the area you are calling. Once you have those, they are dialed in that order. You can find more information here:
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Keep in mind you will be calling a different country which has its own country code. To dial overseas you must add the prefix 011, it is tacked on the beginning of the international
1. Understand how all phone numbers are structured. Every country has a country code, including the United States. Also, most countries have a system of city/regional codes that correspond
First, you need to know the telephone number in full international format. That starts with a country code, such as +1, +44, or +679. (Country codes always start with a plus sign,
Just dialing a number as it appears on the visit card or brochure does not necessarily mean you will get the line when you are calling overseas. There are certain things to understand
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Dialing an international call is very simple, just more numbers to dial. You need to dial the exit code for the United States which is 011. Next, you would dial ...
1. Make certain that you know your country's correct exit code. According to, exit codes, or International Direct Dialing codes, are used for ...
With the correct information, it isn't difficult to directly dial an overseas phone call. To dial any overseas phone call you start out by dialing the international ...
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