How do I disable my car immobilizer?


To disable a car immobiliser one needs to take out the fuse for the alarm/ immobilser and turn the ignition on. put fuse back in and out fast till the red light stays on bypassed.
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An immobilizer or immobilizer is an electronic device fitted to an automobile which prevents the engine from running unless the correct key (or other token) is present.
usually you should do it for peugeot diesel at 122000 miles along with water pump and the tensioner roller that runs under the cambelt too. But to be on the safe side do it at 100000
1. Unlock the car by either using the alarm key fob or manually unlocking the door with the key. Once the car doors unlock, the alarm temporarily deactivates, allowing you to enter
If your vehicle key fob has two buttons LOCK AND DEADLOCK then there is a procedure which will transmit the code when you press the button to unlock. This will turn the light from
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A car immobiliser disables one of the systems needed to start a car's engine, usually the fuel supply or the ignition. This is accomplished by RF identification ...
An immobiliser works by disabling the ignition, the fuel system, and the starter motor. It is activated by a microcircuit that is found in the key that activates ...
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