How Do I Dispose of a Broken Microwave?


If your microwave is broken, you will need to dispose of it properly. Many cities have an approved location where you can take appliances for disposal.
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Best Buy offers electronics recycling programs in their US stores. They will accept most electronics, including TVs, computers, cell phones and more.
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1. Cut off the cord. Take a pair of snips and cut the cord as close to the base of the microwave as possible. Even if the microwave is broken, make sure it's unplugged when you do
take it to the local tip.
same as any Nuclear Waste. First, it must be wrapped in tinfoil, so the broken microwaves don't melt the chocolate in your pocket and pop the corn in your neighbors garden. Second
With a old broom and dustpan you should keep the bag you put it in away from children and you should take it out your self unless you are younger 15
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A broken microwave oven is often not worth it to spend money on to repair. Instead, many people choose to dispose of it and get a new one since they are cheap ...
Depending on where you are from, it's actually pretty simple to dispose of a broken microwave. You can start by searching online in your area to see if any local ...
When it is time to dispose of your microwave, it is important to be conscious of the environment. There are several options other than adding it to the landfill ...
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