How Do I Dispose of Asbestos?


To dispose of asbestos, clear up everyone from the area and wear a respirator and full body protective clothing. Lay down a plastic sheet and damp down the asbestos product. Put it into a larger heavy duty bag, seal it and label it as asbestos. Ensure that you hoover the plastic sheet with a vacuum cleaner, remove clothing then put straight in the wash and take it to a licensed landfill tip.
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How to Dispose of Asbestos
Asbestos, a common element in insulation and building materials prior to the 1970s, is today considered toxic waste. Unfortunately, many older homes and buildings sometimes have asbestos present, particularly in old ductwork. Inhalation of the... More »
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You can dispose asbestos by adding all the asbestos wastes in plastic bags before sealing tightly. In the UK, asbestos is classified as hazardous waste and should only be disposed in licensed waste disposal sites according to local council rules.
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