How do I do a European Skull Mount?


When doing a European skull mount you have to first remove all the flesh from the skull. Next you need to take off the jaw and remove the brains. Use a butter knife to work the brain out through the hole in the skull. You can find more information here:
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1. Clean the skull, removing as much flesh as possible. Use a utility knife to remove the skin and muscle, and pliers and a screwdriver to remove any matter from difficult to reach
Detach the head and skin it, using locking pliers to help pull away skin that has
If you want to mount the horns of your deer in a European mount, then be prepared to completely clean and bleach the skull. You will remove as much of the skin and flesh from the
I found a good description on the process to for a European skull mount in a web site. It seems easy to follow but does take some time.
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European mount is a skull trophy that has passed through the process of skinning and cleaning by removing the neck vertebrae. The skull is cleaned by removing ...
1. Clean the skull by removing all flesh and as much meat as possible. The knife allows you to cut the flesh from the skull and loosen the meat. The pliers are ...
First is the gross part of removing the eyes, brains and all of the flesh from the animal. Then put the skull in a big pot of boiling water with some powder laundry ...
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