Donate My Hair to Cancer Patients?


You can help cancer patients by donating your hair to organisations such as Locks of Love or Beautiful Lengths. These organisations will in turn use your donated hair to make wings for the cancer patients.
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1. The first step is the most time consuming - you have to grow your hair out. In order to make a wig for a small child, you must be able to pull your hair into a ponytail and cut
There are several places that take hair donations. One is"
Nothing makes hair thick and healthy after dying until the coloured has grown out.
Donating hair for wigs for cancer patients - children and adults has been made easy through programs like Locks of Love and Pantene Beautiful Lengths. Many women – and some
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When someone is going through chemo for cancer, they will often lose their hair. Some cancer patients wear hats, while some get wigs. Others chose to wear bandannas ...
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