How Do I Download Video from You Tube without Realplayer?


To download videos from you tube without real player, you can download using YouTube downloader 2.6.2.
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1. Install the latest RealPlayer SP to your computer located on the RealPlayer website. Make sure you enable the "Download This Video" option. 2. Go to the YouTube website
1. Download software from realplayer. com. 2. Select video on youtube. com, then right click (Windows) or ctrl+click (Mac) 3. Scroll down menu to "download this video to real
hiya i had the same problum the link below should help . Source(s)
check the file type if its flv or wma this may be the problem to check the file type right click and select properties.
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To download a video from YouTube, first click on your favourite video clip so you can see the URL in your browser. Highlight the URL, copy it then paste the URL ...
The latest version of Real player can be used to download videos from YouTube. While viewing a video, move the cursor over the video and a Download this video ...
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