How do I dry line a wall?


To dry line the walls, join sheets of plasterboard using a special jointing compound and jointing tape. The plasterboards give a flat and smooth finish and are decorated without the need for traditional plastering materials.
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In order to dry line a wall, start by removing all wall coverings and skirting boards. Remove any present mould using a fungicide and then secure battening around the perimeter. Using a 400 mm interval, place, vertical battens across the wall's centre and align it using a straight edge. Next, fit the polystyrene and staple the membrane over the battening. Finally, fix the plasterboard, tape and joint the wall area.
To dry line a wall, first remove old wall coverings and skirting boards and treat the wall with fungicidal wash if mould is present. Then you will need to secure battening around the perimeter and place vertical battens at intervals of about 400mm, with a final horizontal batten across the centre of the wall. Next is to ensure all the battening is aligned by using a straight edge and packing out where necessary. Friction-fit the polystyrene and staple the membrane over the insulation and battening then fix the plasterboard in place and finish the job by taping and jointing the wall area.
There are a couple of methods that you can use to dry line a wall. These methods include; dabbing out method, batten method and metal track method. Please refer to for a step by step guideline on these methods.
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