How Do I Enable Javascript on Windows 7?


Open the “Tools” menu. Select “Internet Options”, to open the Internet Options dialog box. Click the “Security” tab. Click the “Internet” symbol (a globe). Click the “Custom Level…” button, to open the Security Settings dialog box. In the Settings list, scroll down to “Scripting”. Active Scripting, click the radio button to the left of “Enable”, so that a coloured dot appears in it. (Click “Disable” if you want to disable JavaScript.)
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1. Open an Internet Explorer browser window. 2. Click the "Tools" button near the top-right corner of the window and select "Internet Options. 3. Select the "Security
1. Click 'Start' or the 'Windows' button on the keyboard. This will open the Start Menu. 2. Click 'Control Panel' A window will open in which all of the settings for the computer
Uninstall Java from Programs and Features then reinstall it.
Use the Media Preview tool. It enables better preview for almost all popular video formats. Embed
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