How Do I Expunge My Record Myself?


You cannot expunge your record solely by yourself. The best advice would be to seek an attorney who has experience in this field. You can request your record be expunged through a court, but that is a job for a lawyer.
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1. Download the "Expunge/Seal Package" from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's (FDLE) website or request a packet by calling the call FDLE's Expunge Section in
1. You must consult your Lawyer/Attorney to determine if your charge qualifies for an expungement. Ad. 2. Start the process. If it does, then here are some things you need to know
File a petition with the appropriate court system requesting your record be expunged of that particular conviction. CAUTION: There are 2 parallel court systems in the District of
The only way you could have knowledge of someone's expunged information would be if you were a member or employee of some government agency. For revealing confidential information
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Criminal convictions will stay on a person's record for life unless they are legally expunged. Getting convictions expunged involves proving that the conviction ...
A misdemeanor stays on record forever. If you want it expunged, you can go to the courthouse where you were charged, tried and found guilty and ask the clerk for ...
Dismissed charges show up on your criminal record as dismissed. They aren't automatically expunged. If you've had a charge dismissed and a potential employer asks ...
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