How Do I Figure How Many Patio Blocks I Need?


To figure out the number of patio blocks you will need, calculate the length of the area, the width and the size of the paver. You also need to calculate the total cost.
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Patio blocks are a great addition, but they can be heavy, so it can be difficult to get them flat and level. Follow the step-by-step instructions that abound on the web, and you'll
1. Set wood stakes to mark out the perimeter of the area fot the patio, pounding them about halfway into the ground. Tie string between the stakes to delineate your border. Dig out
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In my experience, to find out how many blocks you will need for a wall you need to know the dimensions of the wall. Then you need to know the size of the blocks. ...
To block pave a patio, provide measurements of the area. Figure out which type and size of blocks you want and calculate an approximation of how much you need. ...
1. Visually break down the driveway into rectangular sections, for easier square footage calculation. For example a U-shaped driveway will break down into three ...
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