How do I Figure Out my Class Grade Percentage?


To figure out your class grade percentage, you will need to add up your total scores for all assignments and divide by the total number of assignments.
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To figure out your class grade percentage you will need to know the percentage of how much your homework, quizzes, and tests are worth. Add up all of the total points for the total amount of tests, and add up your total scored points on all test. Divide the total amount you have scored over the total points of the tests. For example if you scored 80/100, you will have a B average on the tests. Do this for your homework, and quizzes as well. Add up the points from the homework, quizzes, and tests and divide by the total amount of points. You can find more information here:
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1. Count up the number of questions that appear on a homework assignment or test if each question is worth the same point value. If the questions have different point values, such
Divide the number of points received by the number of points possible. Then. multiply by 100. Then use this typical grading scale to find out your grade: A:100%-90% B: 89%-80% C:
Simple steps to figure out the percentage and letter grade of an assignment or test.
The details you're missing are the relative weights of the given grades. For instance, if you already have 90% of your total grades taken, but the dropped assignments are only 1%
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