How Do I Figure Out What Breed My Dog Is?


You can do a canine heritage breed test to determine your dogs breed. Please visit to find out where to get the test kit.
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How to Figure Out the Breed of a Dog
One of the most common questions dog owners are asked is, "What kind of dog is that?" Sometimes, it just is not possible to know. Perhaps the dog came from a shelter, or is one of a long line of "dogs of mixed heritage." Normally, canine DNA tests... More »
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1. Swipe the inside of your dog's cheek using the cotton swab provided with the canine DNA home test kit. 2. Place the cotton swab in the vial included in the kit. 3. Place the vial
The best way to find out what king of breed your dog is you might take your dog to the vet. They are real good at knowing the different breeds of dogs. Also a dog trainer would be
There is a blood test that you can ask your vet abput the lab tests the DNA and tells you exactly what breed(s) your dog is
1. Order a dog DNA test kit online or call local veterinarians and animal shelters to inquire if they have them available for purchase. Read all instructions upon receiving your dog
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To figure out how big a dog will be, first get the weight of the mother and father dog. Next, ask the vet which version of breed the puppy is (i.e. toy, miniature ...
To determine a dog's breed, first carefully look at the size and energy level of the dog. Also, figure out the build of the dog and it's color combination. Once ...
Breed is a variety of a specific animal. This term usually pertains to dogs and other animals like horses and such. ...
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