How Do I File a Motion for Reconsideration?


A motion for reconsideration is a legal document in which the filer is asking the court to reconsider the decision made during the trial. To file a motion for reconsideration, one must provide documentation showing where the judge erred, and then sign and submit this documentation to the court where the case was first heard.
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1. Go to the courthouse to purchase an audio recording of the initial hearing. You will need to cite the judge's specific words regarding the part of his order you think is in error
There is no form for a Motion for Reconsideration under CO Rule of Criminal Procedure 32d. You just need to file a motion, reference CRCrP 32d, state that you are asking for a reconsideration
you file a Reply. It goes - you file motion. they file response. you file reply. That should be it. As the moving party, you are entitled to the last word. They may still try to file
In Michigan you have 21 days to file for reconsideration of child custody. If you want to motion for a reconsideration make sure your attorney knows this and notifies you when he
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