How Do I Find a Name from a UK Phone Number?


You can find a name from a UK telephone number by using the telephone code locator or contacting an online reverse phone book. Telephone directories also list numbers against names, and you can easily be able to locate the owner of any given number if it listed in the directory.
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1. Make sure you have enough information to conduct your search. In addition to the person's or business's name, having as specific a location as possible will help tremendously.
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1. Contact your phone provider and provide the customer service representative with your old phone number so he can look up your account. Request the change. 2. Check to see if you
1. Open your web browser and go to the White Pages Reverse Phone page. You can find the link in Resources. 2. Type the 10-digit phone number into the "Phone Number" box.
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To find a name from a UK Phone number, call the number and inquire or contact an online reverse phone book where you can get the details of a phone number instantly. Contacting the telephone company might also help though the information is usually confidential.
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