How Do I Find a Passport Photo Booth?


To find a passport photo booth near you, you can visit various websites, including boots and postoffice. You can also visit other websites that have online passport photo booths, for instance Uk (dot) portraitbooth. Some of these booths take passport photos in colour or black and white, depending on your preference.
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One in the post office at Broomhill but I had all sorts of problems with it. The best one I've used is at Midland Station.
In Kapow in the hyperdome in Brisbane :
There's a PHOTO ME booth in the St James Centre… and here's the latest photo requirements from the passport office
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To find a passport photo booth, you will need to go online and state where you live and if the place doesn't sound familiar use Google maps to assist you with your search. An easier way would be to ask someone you know for the best affordable place you could take a passport size photo.
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