How Do I Find a Persons Military Record?


The responsibility of handling military personnel and records requests falls under a particular military division. All military locator requests for military personnel need to be sent to the respective service of the person whose location is being requested.
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To find someone's military records, one must have the person's full name, branch of service as well as his social security number. Then log on to the government defence website to apply for the records which will only be given once you state a valid reason for doing so.
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1. Gather information. Prior to beginning the search, write down personal information such as the full legal name, Social Security number and date of birth of the individual in question
If you are a family member, you should have no problem filing to get copies of military records. You must be a military veteran or a next-of-kin of the deceased former military member
Veterans Administration.
I am unable to find the most kills for a person
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1. Search The National Archives at for military personal records. Here you can write to The National Personnel Records Center - Military Personnel ...
1. Establish all the information you can about the person for whose records you're searching. His name, date of birth, when he enlisted, when he retired and any ...
These days you can find many military records online through websites like or the National Archives website. If you cannot find what you are looking ...
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