How Do I Find a Song Title If All I Know Is a Line of the Song?


If all you know of a song is one line and you want to find the song's title, I would try typing the line into Google's search engine. You might find a large number of sites, but usually one of the first page listings comes up with the answer. You could also try calling the radio station you heard the song on and ask them.
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The best way to find a song title is to enter the artist name or enter some of the song lyrics on a search engine. That will generate some inform on the song your looking for.
1. Call the radio station. You might not get to talk to the actual DJ that played it, but the assistant or intern answering the phones should have a playlist and be able to tell you
1 Think of a part of the song that you can recall. Normally there is a phrase that keeps repeating and repeating when you're trying to find the name of a song, think of that and any
You could try googling the first line of the song. there would generally be a few lyrics pages and maybe a couple of myspace pages! if not the first line, add the second and third
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