How Do I Find a Song with Only a Few Lyrics?


To find a song with a few lyrics, you may visit some online sites where you can type your lyrics and search for the song. They include elyrics, allthelyrics, astraweb, lyricfinder and moozic among others.
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1. Go to and place your cursor in the search box. 2. Type a few of the lyrics you can remember into this box. For instance, "I can't stop this feeling. 3. Click
Use a search engine form to the right and type in lyrics inside quotation marks. Use as many words from the song as you can remember and make sure they are exact. If you get nothing
Go to Let's Sing It and enter the lyrics you do know. You can find them here -
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To find a song with only a few lyrics, you could go to the singers’ website and search for that particular song, or you could go to lyric websites some of which are,,, and If you do not know who sang the song sometimes you can even just type some of the lyrics that you remember, and a list will appear with the songs that contain those phrases.
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