How Do I Find a Trust Fund in My Name?


A trust fund is set up by an individual for a beneficiary who can claim the amount here at a certain age or time. You can only access the money here once you are legally entitled to it.
Q&A Related to "How Do I Find a Trust Fund in My Name"
1. Verify in writing the authority for dissolving the trust. The authority may stem from a clause within the trust document, an order you received from a judge or a legal statute.
There may be a reason you haven't disclosed why lawyers refused to help you. If you have a legitimate claim you should be able to go to your lawyer and sign a consent form so they
1. Decide what type of trust best suits your needs. Do you want a living trust that can accessed while you are still living? This is a good option if the trust is for your children.
On the death of the surviving parent, a child would have the opportunity to "disclaim" his or her interest in the trust. A disclaimer must generally be made within a certain
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