How can I find my biological grandparents?


To find your biological parents you can use an online resource such as This website can also help you find other relatives if need be.
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How to Find My Biological Grandparents
There could be a few reasons why you have never met your grandparents. Perhaps they decided to move to another country before your birth. They could have lost contact with your family. Whatever the case, meeting them is sure to be a shocking experience... More »
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To find your biological parents, ask your adoptive parents or contact the appropriate government official for documents such as an amended birth certificate, petition ...
To find your biological mother, visit the clerk of county records in the county where you were born and request a copy of your birth certificate. It is out of ...
Adoption does not necessarily end all ties with biological parents. If you were adopted, you may want to locate your birth mother for medical reasons or to know ...
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