How Do I Find My Full Employment History?


One's full employment history is available at the Social Security office or the HM Revenue and Customs website at Their they have a complete listing of one's past employers.
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To find your employment history, you can contact the IRS. They will provide you with your employers for the years you want. If you paid social security taxes, you can also visit your
1. Check social networking sites such as LinkedIn or Plaxo (See Resources) using the person's name or nickname as a search term. In the case of duplicate listings, check any photos
Your credit record has some information, but no government office or authority keeps track of it.
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Your employment history consists of all your past employers. However, the older you get, the amount of employment history you provide changes. For example, in ...
How you go about finding out employment history depends on if you are searching for yourself or a potential employee. If it is for yourself you can call previous ...
1. Use the information that the applicant has provided in his resume or job application. Ask him to provide the contact name and phone number for each previous ...
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