How Do I Find My National Insurance Number Online?


You cannot find your National Insurance Number online. The HMRC does not let an individual to find out the National Insurance Number online or over the phone. You can find it out from your P60, tax return form, or a pay slip. You may also request it from the HMRC if you cannot fnd the number.
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1. Check all your tax documentation, payslips or official correspondence from the UK tax office, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) as your National Insurance number will be shown on them
You can find phone numbers through a number of services online. There are online yellow pages and online white pages. You have to remember as with the phone book not all people want
The number for National Insurance depends on the region where you live. A dedicated agent on the official National Insurance website will be happy to find it for you.
National insurance numbers are not available online. The HMRC won't even give you the number over the phone. You might be able to find it on official paperwork like: • your P60
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To find your National Insurance Number, you have to wait to attain the age of 16 and it will be automatically sent to you. However, if you have not received a ...
To find you national Insurance number, check on your payslip, on your end of year tax statement or on your copy of your annual Self Assessment tax return. If you ...
It is not possible to apply for a National Insurance Number online or even via the post. The National Insurance Numbers are issued by the Department of Work and ...
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